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Subject svn commit: r1425882 - in /chemistry/objectivecmis/trunk: README
Date Wed, 26 Dec 2012 11:48:02 GMT
Author: fmui
Date: Wed Dec 26 11:48:02 2012
New Revision: 1425882

ObjectiveCMIS: improved README and release script


Modified: chemistry/objectivecmis/trunk/README
--- chemistry/objectivecmis/trunk/README (original)
+++ chemistry/objectivecmis/trunk/README Wed Dec 26 11:48:02 2012
@@ -1,2 +1,41 @@
+Apache Chemistry ObjectiveCMIS
-This is an Objective-C port of the OpenCMIS Java library.
+Apache Chemistry ObjectiveCMIS is a CMIS client library for Objective-C language.
+The library is primarily targeted at iOS application development and aims to 
+provide an interoperability API to CMIS based repositories.
+However, as the base library is built on the Foundation.framework it can be used
+for developing Mac OSX applications as well.
+The ObjectiveCMIS library is distributed as a ZIP file containing
+    the source: library and test source files
+    the library: libObjectiveCMIS.a
+    public header files: contained in the ObjectiveCMIS folder
+    documentation: provided as a docset (generated using appledocs).
+Minimum Requirements
+The library is making use of Objective-C automated reference counting (ARC).
+Therefore the library is compatible with iOS SDK v5.x or later.
+For development we recommend the latest available version of XCode and
+iOS/Mac OSX SDKs.
+How to include the library on your XCode project
+The easiest way to include the ObjectiveCMIS library into your project is to
+unzip the ObjectiveCMIS ZIP file.
+Then go to the 'File' menu in XCode and select the 'Add Files to...' option.
+Add the headers and library files contained in the ZIP distribution to your project:
+* Make sure that the library is included in the list of frameworks/libraries.
+  Select the build target and go to Build Phases. libObjectiveCMIS.a should be
+  listed in the Link Binary with Libraries option.
+* The CMIS headers should be included in the 'Copy Headers' section of Build Phases
+  for your build target.
\ No newline at end of file

Modified: chemistry/objectivecmis/trunk/
--- chemistry/objectivecmis/trunk/ (original)
+++ chemistry/objectivecmis/trunk/ Wed Dec 26 11:48:02 2012
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
 # Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
 # contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file distributed with
@@ -19,12 +19,18 @@ OBJECTIVECMIS_VERSION=0.1
-rm -R release-temp
+if [ -d release-temp ]
+  rm -R release-temp
 mkdir release-temp
 echo "Copying files..."
-rm -R release-pack
+if [ -d release-pack ]
+  rm -R release-pack
 mkdir release-pack
 mkdir release-pack/src
 mkdir release-pack/doc
@@ -33,9 +39,9 @@ mkdir release-pack/bin
 cp NOTICE release-pack
 cp LICENSE release-pack
 cp README release-pack
-cp -R ObjectiveCMIS release-pack/src
-cp -R ObjectiveCMIS.xcodeproj release-pack/src
-cp -R ObjectiveCMISTests release-pack/src
+rsync -a --exclude='.*' ObjectiveCMIS release-pack/src
+rsync -a --exclude='.*' ObjectiveCMIS.xcodeproj release-pack/src
+rsync -a --exclude='.*' ObjectiveCMISTests release-pack/src
 echo "Generating documentation ..."
@@ -58,7 +64,10 @@ cp -R build/Debug-universal/* release-pa
 echo "Creating package..."
-rm -R release
+if [ -d release ]
+  rm -R release
 mkdir release
 cd release-pack

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