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Subject svn commit: r1328811 - /chemistry/site/trunk/content/project/community.mdtext
Date Sun, 22 Apr 2012 08:06:40 GMT
Author: fmui
Date: Sun Apr 22 08:06:40 2012
New Revision: 1328811

added emeritus section


Modified: chemistry/site/trunk/content/project/community.mdtext
--- chemistry/site/trunk/content/project/community.mdtext (original)
+++ chemistry/site/trunk/content/project/community.mdtext Sun Apr 22 08:06:40 2012
@@ -8,6 +8,9 @@ We ask that you please do not send us em
 ## Project Management Committee
+The Project Management Committee (PMC) is the group of people with formal oversight of the
 Bogdan Stefanescu|bs
@@ -20,7 +23,6 @@ David Ward|dward
 [Gabriele Columbro](|gabriele
 [Jeff Potts](|jpotts
 [Jens Hübel](|jens
-[Jukka Zitting](|jukka
 Martin Hermes|hermesm
 Michael Dürig|mduerig
 [Nick Burch](|nick
@@ -31,4 +33,15 @@ Paul Goetz|pgoetz
 [Stephan Klevenz](|sklevenz
 Stéphane Lacoin|slacoin
 Sun Seng David Tan|stan
-Tim Raff|timraff
\ No newline at end of file
+Tim Raff|timraff
+## Emeritus
+A term used to formally designate someone as no longer active, but still entitled to many
of the rights and privileges of the position.
+For example, an ASF member who hasn't attended any membership meetings for a long time is
declared emeritus; someone who no longer has time to work on a particular project may declare
itself emeritus.
+Emeritus status indicates interest but not activity, as opposed to having resigned.
+[Jukka Zitting](|jukka

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