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Subject svn commit: r1079721 - in /chemistry/site/trunk/content: dotnet/dotcmis.mdtext index.mdtext
Date Wed, 09 Mar 2011 10:04:11 GMT
Author: fmui
Date: Wed Mar  9 10:04:10 2011
New Revision: 1079721

Added DotCMIS release


Modified: chemistry/site/trunk/content/dotnet/dotcmis.mdtext
--- chemistry/site/trunk/content/dotnet/dotcmis.mdtext (original)
+++ chemistry/site/trunk/content/dotnet/dotcmis.mdtext Wed Mar  9 10:04:10 2011
@@ -5,31 +5,32 @@ Title: DotCMIS
 DotCMIS is a CMIS client library for .NET. It is loosely based on the [OpenCMIS client architecture](/java/opencmis-modules.html).
-**DotCMIS is under development and not ready for production use, yet.**
+## Get DotCMIS
+### Download DotCMIS
-<a name="DotCMIS-Status"></a>
-## Status
-* The library is now fully implemented. All interfaces and operations _should_ work.
-* There is not much documentation, yet. See below.
-* First tests against a small number of CMIS repositories were successful. Not all operations
have been tested, yet.
+You can download the latest DotCMIS releases here.
-If you find problem, please [create an issue](
+<a name="dotcmis-0.1FullDownloadpage"></a>
+#### 0.1 [Full Download page](
+DotCMIS client|[Download](
 <a name="DotCMIS-Documentation"></a>
 ## Documentation
 There are starter code snippets on the [Getting started with DotCMIS](getting-started-with-dotcmis.html)
-and the API documentation is available as a [CHM Help file](
+and the API documentation is available as a [CHM Help file](
 The interfaces are very similar to the [OpenCMIS](/java/opencmis.html) client API. Please
see the
 OpenCMIS documentation for more insights.
 <a name="DotCMIS-Sourcecodeanddependencies"></a>
-## Source code and dependencies
+## Source code, dependencies and development binaries
 The DotCMIS source code is here: [](
@@ -37,11 +38,5 @@ DotCMIS requires the .NET Framework vers
 The DotCMIS unit tests require NUnit 2.5.
-<a name="DotCMIS-Binaries"></a>
-## Binaries
-There is no official release, yet.
 Nighty builds can be obtained from here: [Debug DLL](
  and [Release DLL](

Modified: chemistry/site/trunk/content/index.mdtext
--- chemistry/site/trunk/content/index.mdtext (original)
+++ chemistry/site/trunk/content/index.mdtext Wed Mar  9 10:04:10 2011
@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@ inclusion of the C.M.I.S. letters, "CheM
 ## Project News
+  * 2011-03-09 First release of the DotCMIS client, [DotCMIS 0.1](dotnet/dotcmis.html#dotcmis-0.1FullDownloadpage).
   * 2011-03-07 First TLP release of the cmislib Python client, [cmislib 0.4.1](python/cmislib.html#cmislib-0.4.1FullDownloadpage).
   * 2011-02-16 Project graduates to Top Level Project!
   * 2011-02-07 First Apache release of the cmislib Python client, [cmislib 0.4-incubating](python/cmislib.html#cmislib-0.4FullDownloadpage).

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