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Subject svn commit: r785891 - /websites/staging/chemistry/trunk/content/java/how-to-build-a-server.html
Date Mon, 21 Feb 2011 16:57:02 GMT
Author: buildbot
Date: Mon Feb 21 16:57:02 2011
New Revision: 785891

Staging update by buildbot


Modified: websites/staging/chemistry/trunk/content/java/how-to-build-a-server.html
--- websites/staging/chemistry/trunk/content/java/how-to-build-a-server.html (original)
+++ websites/staging/chemistry/trunk/content/java/how-to-build-a-server.html Mon Feb 21 16:57:02
@@ -172,8 +172,8 @@ Apache Chemistry - How To Build A Server
            <td height="100%">
              <!-- Content -->
-             <div class="wiki-content"><p><a name="HowToBuildAServer-HowtocreateaCMISserverusingOpenCMIS"></a></p>
-<h1 id="how_to_create_a_cmis_server_using_opencmis">How to create a CMIS server using
+             <div class="wiki-content"><h1 id="how_to_create_a_cmis_server_using_opencmis">How
to create a CMIS server using OpenCMIS</h1>
+<p><a name="HowToBuildAServer-HowtocreateaCMISserverusingOpenCMIS"></a></p>
 <p>This document contains a step-by-step introduction how you can use opencmis
 to build an CMIS server. The document is divided iton the following
@@ -215,7 +215,7 @@ version number and so on according to yo
 <p>Then select option 18 <code>maven-archetype-webapp</code> and confirm
-<p>You will find a project setup then consisting of a directory <em>mycmissvr</em>
+<p>You will find a project setup then consisting of a directory <code>mycmissvr</code>
 and subdirectories for source code and test code and the Java packages. We
 need to adapt the <code>.pom</code> file so that maven creates a web application
 that can be deployed in a servlet container (like Apache Tomcat or Jetty).
@@ -588,17 +588,22 @@ have to configure the class of your serv
 add additional properties in this file. These configuration parameters are
 then passed to the <code>init()</code> method of your <code>ServiceFactory</code>
as key
 value pairs in a hashmap.</p>
+<DIV class="codeHeader"></DIV>
 <div class="codehilite"><pre><span class="na">class</span><span
class="o">=</span><span class="s">local.mycmis.ServiceFactory</span>
 <span class="na">myparam</span><span class="o">=</span><span class="s">my-configuration-value</span>
-<span class="o">:</span><span class="s">::java</span>
-<span class="c">// ...</span>
-<span class="err">@Override</span>
-<span class="err">public</span> <span class="err">void</span> <span
class="err">init(Map&lt;String,</span> <span class="err">String&gt;</span>
<span class="err">parameters)</span> <span class="err">{</span>
-  <span class="na">String myParamValue</span> <span class="o">=</span>
<span class="s">parameters.get(&quot;myparam&quot;);</span>
-         <span class="c">// use myParamValue</span>
-<span class="err">}</span>
-<span class="c">// ...</span>
+<DIV class="codeHeader"></DIV>
+<div class="codehilite"><pre><span class="c1">// ...</span>
+<span class="nd">@Override</span>
+<span class="kd">public</span> <span class="kt">void</span> <span
class="nf">init</span><span class="o">(</span><span class="n">Map</span><span
class="o">&lt;</span><span class="n">String</span><span class="o">,</span>
<span class="n">String</span><span class="o">&gt;</span> <span
class="n">parameters</span><span class="o">)</span> <span class="o">{</span>
+  <span class="n">String</span> <span class="n">myParamValue</span>
<span class="o">=</span> <span class="n">parameters</span><span
class="o">.</span><span class="na">get</span><span class="o">(</span><span
class="s">&quot;myparam&quot;</span><span class="o">);</span>
+         <span class="c1">// use myParamValue</span>
+<span class="o">}</span>
+<span class="c1">// ...</span>

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