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From Maik Musall <>
Subject Re: Sending data across the wire.
Date Thu, 19 Sep 2019 07:05:58 GMT
Hi Tony,

we have done something similar for a limited use case: pulling objects from production into
dev in order to be able to reproduce urgent issues that only occur with that specific data.
We use Gson to serialize the object graph, which also allows to customize the serialization
strategies and thus limit the graph to what we need, and avoid cycles. But limiting that graph
is by no means automatic, the extent of the graph is explicitly coded to cover that use case.

Works fine for us.


> Am 17.09.2019 um 20:49 schrieb Tony Giaccone <>:
> So typically I create a Data Transfer Object to return values across the
> wire that I have fetched and copy attributes from my model object to the
> DTO.  This gets tedious quickly.  I wondered if there's not another way
> that people are doing this, because this seems entirely too painful.
> However, if* this is* what most people do, then perhaps a change could be
> made to the modeler, that would all you to create automatically a set of
> DTO objects with when you generate the model objects.  I recognize that
> this would be a rather significant effort and I'm guessing that there's
> probably a better way, but I'm not aware of what it is.
> Any suggestions?
> Tony Giaccone

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