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From Fredrik Widengren <>
Subject Cayenne and Spring?
Date Mon, 08 Jan 2018 21:52:40 GMT

I'm testing to setup Cayenne with Spring Boot. I have created a simple
REST service. Spring is working fine with a Hello World example from

When I try to send back my cayenne objects that I have generated from
the Cayenne modeller, I get an exception that it can’t find a JSON

Could not write JSON: No serializer found for class

I have read that a common reason for this is that the class that you
try to serialize does not have any public getters/setters. The
generated classes (in the auto package) from the modeller that extends
CayenneDataObject do have these public getters/setters. The class is
however abstract, but I'm using the class created by the modeller that
extends the abstract modeller class.

Anyone that have any experience from Cayenne and Spring that have some input?

Many thanks!


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