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From "Musall, Maik" <>
Subject Re: Redacting db user name and password from XML
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2017 06:45:41 GMT

> Am 19.12.2017 um 06:56 schrieb Andrus Adamchik <>:
>> A disadvantage of this approach, though, is it puts the username/password
>> on the command-line and/or the process list, plus potentially exposes it in
>> command-line history, too.
> It doesn't if you are careful. Nothing prevents you from putting these in a startup script
of your app (this is what I was kind of alluding to when I defined credentials as exported
vars). From there you have lots of options depending on how paranoid you are:
> * restricting access to the script with UNIX permissions.
> * storing it on an encrypted drive.
> * creating the script dynamically on startup and then deleting when the app is started.
> The point is that with properties you have an easy mechanism separating your security
solution away from your Java app.

As long as those parameters end up as part of the java command line because the shell resolves
them and puts them there literally, they will still be discoverable from the process list
at runtime for every other user on the machine. The java process itself could redact them
from there, but of course it doesn't.

The credentials would need to live in a separate file with locked down permissions, with that
file being referenced by name in the java command line.


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