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From Alexander Frei <>
Subject Re: Cayenne advantages
Date Mon, 09 Oct 2017 08:45:56 GMT
I like it’s powerful and well-thought-out easiness and it’s community.
Let’s say that there are other libraries and frameworks, where you get
answers like “I don’t have the time to… do it yourself….” or you get just a
minimal answer. Here I breath different air and users get nice answers from
polite people without making them feel like idots when they’re actually
learning to use a new library.

With Cayenne you keep direct control over your database, while most
libraries simply hide it away, which might be fine as long as the project
is kept simple, but as complexity grows in the data structure, I wouldn’t
feel that confident anymore. Since most libraries will add their own
customization to implement and extend a standard java api (in many cases
this is the very reason for their existence) you’ll be forced to use that
library for a long time. On the other side in Cayenne you are responsible
for the database design. You can optimize your database as much as you need
or you can keep things simple and let Cayenne do all the hard work for you.
Of course all this comes with an additional extra layer of complexity (like
with every other library too) but in Cayenne this additional complexity is
minimal and transparent to the user, without any magic.

However, what I most like in Cayenne, is it’s amazing, very elegant and, I
suppose, unique Query Api. This api is really well designed and should
become a java standard.

I’m not a professional software developer and I don’t know if these are
unique selling points, but in my opinion this is what makes Apache Cayenne
so astonishingly powerful and easy at the same time.


2017-10-09 9:32 GMT+02:00 Aristedes Maniatis <>:

> We are currently rebuilding the Cayenne website and would like to refresh
> its unique selling points. What is it that brought you to Cayenne and kept
> you here? I know there are some EOF escapees who are here because EOF is no
> longer supported, but what positive reasons keep you here rather than
> moving to a JPA or other library?
> This is not about denigrating the alternatives but highlighting what
> Cayenne does well and showing new developers why they should try it.
> 1. If you made a bullet list of your key features (even with only one
> item!) what would it be?
> 2. If you met a developer at a conference and suggest they try Cayenne,
> what would convince them to try it?
> Ari
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> Aristedes Maniatis
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