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From Andrus Adamchik <>
Subject Re: CompletionException: org.apache.cayenne.di.DIRuntimeException: DI container has no binding for key <BindingKey: org.apache.cayenne.dba.firebird.FirebirdSniffer>
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2016 14:23:38 GMT

> On Jun 6, 2016, at 5:12 PM, Hugi Thordarson <> wrote:
>>> On a lighter note, this was a bit of a panicky situtation since it happened during
a hackathon, where Cayenne (among others) earned us the title “best technical solution”.
And we got this excellent production-quality Yoda to show for it :).
>> Nice! Can you provide any more info about it? I'll put it on Cayenne Twitter :)
> lol :). Well… The largest Icelandic bank (Arion) decided to create and open up APIs
for a lot of their stuff and then let 12 teams go at it for 30 hours. They had APIS for creating
bank accounts, perform transactions on accounts and credit cards, read transaction information,
create electronic invoices etc. etc.). Lots of fun (and little sleep) was had and we ended
up with this solution: 
> It’s a website to help groups collect money. Say you and your group of friends want
to go to the Montreaux Jazz festival in 2018 and you decide to put in €20 a month each towards
the trip. Usually when you do something like this, one guy has to create the account, manage
everything, make sure everyone pays etc. It’s a hassle. But this website takes cares of
everything; creates a new account, allows you to register your friends via e-mail or Facebook
(and allows them to authenticate) and then automatically charges their accounts, credit cards
or sends them a Claim. Each payment is linked to the correct user (based on their Icelandic
National Registry numbers) and everyone can log in and see how the collection is going and
if everyone’s paying up. It’s nice.

Nice! I'll post the picture on Twitter. 

This reminds me. I was thinking of adding Bootique integration for Play. Just don't have any
ongoing projects that might need it. I'd like to hear more about your Play experiences. Maybe
at Montreal at WOWODC.

> BTW, the name “Afland” means “Offshore”. So when you start collecting money,
you’re starting an “Offshore company”. It’s a joke that works better in Icelandic,
really ;).

In landlocked countries like Belarus, offshore is unambiguously money laundering. Nobody would
really think of oceans and shores :)

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