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From Andrew Willerding <>
Subject Re: No object is registered in context with Id
Date Fri, 04 Mar 2016 16:00:50 GMT
Thank you  Without your help I would never have 
found a solution.

Of course my code was generating the duplicate entry!  Sorry to have 
bugged the list on this last error.

I'm not sure I understand why different objects must be "localized" with 
the localObject method vs the setObjectContext.  From my limited 
understanding of the inner workings of Cayenne, the setObjectContext 
should have worked.  I have used the setObjectContext with success (I 
think - in the error went away) in other situations when I get an error 
suggesting that one object is not in the context of another object

On 03/03/16 03:37 PM, Andrew Willerding wrote:
> I had to add newItem before the getObjectContext() to allow the 
> program to compile and then unfortunately I'm getting the error 
> below.  There shouldn't be any duplicate entries as this is the first 
> record I'm attempting to insert for this particular project and 
> contact.  The underlying project id is 9999 and the contact id is 1922 
> so I'm not sure what is generating the duplicate entry.

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