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From Hugi Thordarson <>
Subject Re: Is there a canonical method of invoking aggregate functions
Date Mon, 14 Sep 2015 09:37:16 GMT
>> I've started working on a proposal for the WebObjects-world to migrate Project Wonder
to Cayenne,
> Sounds great. Its been a long time since I was in the WO world, and although I used Project
Wonder way back then, I find it hard to remember where EOF stopped and Wonder started.

That’s understandable, Wonder is mostly a place for users to extend and enhance WO and EOF
since official development on these frameworks stalled almost a decade ago.

> Can you give us a short summary of what features Wonder would bring to a Cayenne developer?

Since Wonder is targeted towards WebObjects development I don’t think the typical Cayenne
developer will gain a lot of features at first (unless he's using WO). But there’s quite
an active and passionate developer community working on Wonder that I think could provide
a great deal of energy and would contribute to the development of Cayenne. So I think what
Cayenne has to gain is more in terms of energy, community and mindshare than code.

- hugi
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