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From Matt Watson <>
Subject Re: Implementing and audit log using Cayenne; finding what was modified in an object
Date Fri, 07 Aug 2015 15:19:37 GMT
We do this by extending the CayenneDataObject class and introducing a HashMap that tracks the
original value of the properties that have changed.
Override the writeProperty/setToOneTarget (we only care about auditing attributes and belongsTo

Then when it comes time to Insert/Update then you can loop over the properties you want to
“audit” and check if they are modified
This map gets reset after commits.

protected Map<String,Object> originalPropertyMap = new HashMap<String,Object>();

public void initializeOriginalPropertyMap() {

public void writeProperty(String property, Object value) {
   if (!this.originalPropertyMap.containsKey(property)) {
      this.originalPropertyMap.put(property, this.readProperty(property));

   super.writeProperty(property, value);

public void setToOneTarget(String relationship, org.apache.cayenne.DataObject value, boolean
reverse) {
   if (!this.originalPropertyMap.containsKey(relationship)) {
      this.originalPropertyMap.put(relationship, this.readProperty(relationship));

   super.setToOneTarget(relationship, value, reverse);
   public Boolean isPropertyModified(String property) {
      Object original = this.getOriginalProperty(property);
      Object current = this.readProperty(property);

      // if property is an attribute and array, then use array compares
      PropertyDescriptor propertyDescriptor = Cayenne.getProperty(this, property);
      if(propertyDescriptor instanceof AttributeProperty) {
            return !Objects.deepEquals(original, current);

      return !Objects.equals(original, current);

> On Aug 7, 2015, at 7:16 AM, Hugi Thordarson <> wrote:
> Hi all.
> I’m attempting to implement an audit log using Cayenne, automatically storing information
on modifications alongside every insert, update and delete.
> I’m currently doing this by adding a listener on the DataDomain that watches for the
lifecycle events PrePersist, PreUpdate and PreRemove, and there I log what’s happening with
the objects. Works perfectly.
> One thing I’m wondering though. How can I find what has changed in an object in PreUpdate
(i.d. when logging modifications)? For those familiar with EOF, I do it there by looking at
the EOEditingContext’s.commitedSnapshotForObject() and comparing the values found there
with the object’s current values—but I can’t find how to to do something similar in
> Am I maybe going about this in a completely wrong way (and there’s perhaps a much better,
more Cayenne-ish way to do this)? If so, I’d be grateful if someone could point me in the
correct direction :).
> Thanks once again,
> - hugi
> // Hugi Thordarson
> // <>
> // s. 895-6688

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