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From Joe Baldwin <>
Subject A bunch of stuff is deprecated.
Date Fri, 31 Jul 2015 16:50:04 GMT
I hope you enjoyed my technical description in the subject heading. :)  But it is, in fact,

(Context: I am converting from 3.0 to 4.0):

I have been following Cayenne best practices and have been building queries (and quite a few
of the, I might add) with Cayenne-Entity-Property conventions.  Simple example:

	Expression exp = ExpressionFactory.matchExp(Product.IS_DISABLED_PROPERTY, false);

In addition, I have been using the Cayenne PROPERTY definitions as part of my core logic.

Now I find (in 4.0) that all of these PROPERTY definitions are Deprecated.

Other than my personal opinion, that I am not terribly excited about the prospect of ripping
out all of my core logic,  I would like to find out if this conversion is going to be easier
that I estimate.   (As usual, I have tried to search the docs and could not find a good “how-to”
for a simple functional replacement that would also give me access to the String value of
the property (for display purposes).

If there is a good how-to/tutorial, please provide the link, if not, then could you please
provide one simple example and one more complex example so I can get to work on this?


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