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From jonathan_ms2006 <>
Subject Re: Closing Cayennes' DataContext
Date Fri, 09 Jan 2015 06:59:59 GMT
Hi Michael,

    Good day! Here are the answers to your inquiries:

    Q: Have you switched to using JNDI lookups yet?
    A: Not yet, Currently I barely rely on cayennes' DataContext for
connection pooling/reference, etc.

    Q: what kind of load do you have on your system?
    A: Upon deployment, I'm expecting to have at least 500 to 1000 users per
day. That's just a conservative estimate. The reason I configured 10,000
connection pool in fear of multiple requests that will surely exceed the
connection pool limit which will prevent users from accessing the system.
I'm not comfortable in this setting too as this will eat up much resources.

    Also regarding on your statement: "Whenever you perform an operation it
checks out a connection, uses it, then returns it to the pool." I'm
expecting the same thing in cayennes' DataContext, but during testing phase
this error occurred. Below is a test scenario on how I ended up with the
error mentioned on this thread. This might also give you an idea if there's
something wrong with the way I do things. Hope this helps you.

   Test Scenario (pre-deployment):
    * I executed the application in eclipse via run at server (tomcat), and
when the page is loaded, I tried 
       switching from one JSP page to another several times (65+ switches)
then the error is triggered. 
       Both JSP page has an include JSP file which has the DataContext
intitialization something like : 
       DataContext context = ServletUtil.getSessionContext(session); 


     I haven't deployed yet the system in tomcat and thus haven't performed
regression testing since there are still updates to be done. 

     Additional Web Application Info:

     I'm using traditional/legacy JSP response and request page using JSP
useBean as my form handler and there are still some scriptlets on the page.
Sooner or later I will move to JSF.

Best Regards,


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