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From Mike Kienenberger <>
Subject 3.0 -> 3.1: Committed changes not propagating to other contexts / invalidating objects not removing cached values
Date Mon, 23 Sep 2013 20:10:12 GMT
Under 3.0.2, I have a test that creates a local copy of an object in a
new DataContext, makes a change to it, commits the change, and then
verifies that both the old copy and the new copy match.   And this

Under 3.1, the old object does not reflect the new changes, although
the 3.x docs state that it should by default:

This appears to be because there's nothing listening for the
postSnapshotsChangeEvent, maybe because there's an error in my
hand-converted modeler test configuration file.

It does look like JavaGroupsBridgeFactory gets instantiated as the
default event bridge factory, although if I don't have it installed
(which I don't) it's replaced by a noop event manager.

Ebpp DEBUG [main 09-23 15:42:44] DataRowStore: DataRowStore property
cayenne.DataRowStore.snapshot.expiration = 7200
Ebpp DEBUG [main 09-23 15:42:44] DataRowStore: DataRowStore property
cayenne.DataRowStore.snapshot.size = 10000
Ebpp DEBUG [main 09-23 15:42:44] DataRowStore: DataRowStore property
cayenne.DataRowStore.remote.notify = false
Ebpp DEBUG [main 09-23 15:42:44] DataRowStore: DataRowStore property
cayenne.DataRowStore.EventBridge.factory =

So I decided to see whether I could force a refetch for the existing
object in the original database using:

        context.prepareForAccess(this, null, false);

prepareForAccess is pulling the old value out of the cachedSnapshots.
 This is rather unexpected since invalidateObjects() claims clears out
the cache.    All I see it doing when I step through the values is
resetting the persistence state from committed to hollow.    I don't
see anything in stepping through the code which would remove the cache
snapshot for the data context as documented.

     * Invalidates a Collection of persistent objects. This operation
only applies to the
     * objects already committed to the database and does nothing to
the NEW objects. It
     * would remove each object's snapshot from caches and change
object's state to
     * HOLLOW. On the next access to this object, the object will be refetched.
    void invalidateObjects(Collection<?> objects);

If I manually remove the item from the cache, then it works, even
without prepareForAccess().

        ObjectContext context = getObjectContext();
        DataContext dataContext = (DataContext)context;

It seems to me that it's a bug to not invalidate the DataContext
DataRowCache snapshot during invalidateObjects().

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