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From Mike Kienenberger <>
Subject No willPerform(Generic)Query support for prefetching queries in 3.1?
Date Mon, 23 Sep 2013 23:04:18 GMT
All of my tests pass now, but I'm still hitting a few issues for 3.1
that the tests didn't reveal.

In previous versions (not sure when it changed), there existed the
ability to intercept prefetch queries using
DataContextDelegate.willPerformQuery() or willPerformGenericQuery().
 Those queries are no longer available -- only the original query with
the prefetchTree goes through those methods.

It's the end of the day here, so I haven't traced through the code yet
to see what's going on, but I still need a way to filter all query
types for specific entities to filter out certain entities (appending
"where INVALIDATED = 'N'").   I've got this working for select
queries, relationship queries, objectIdQueries, but not prefetch

And I'm still wondering what the difference between
willPerformGenericQuery and willPerformQuery might be.   So far, I
just forward willPerformGenericQuery requests through my
willPerformQuery code.

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