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From Mike Kienenberger <>
Subject Re: SQLTemplate problems in 3.1B2
Date Tue, 16 Apr 2013 13:59:41 GMT
My first guess would be that you have more than one velocity jar files
in the classpath.
I guess a second possibility is that you have no velocity jar files in
the classpath.

We have an in-house findClass.jsp (backed by a ClassPath bean) which
we use for problems like this to identify all definitions of a class
in the classpath.   Unfortunately, I don't have permission to share

But you could probably come up with something similar:

Here's a jsp that looks like it identifies the first definition of a class.

Here's how to show all resources

You'd probably want to combine the two.

Here's something else I came across while trying to find an example of
what you needed.  Not sure how easy it would be to integrate with your

On Tue, Apr 16, 2013 at 8:38 AM, Rick Bonnett <> wrote:
> I'm trying to use SQLTemplate queries and running into a strange problem. This snippet
works fine if I run it in a plain Java application, but fails if I then use it within a web
service running under Glassfish.
> In both cases I am using the same cayenne metadata files. I have also noticed the same
issue when using EJBQL queries.
> ServerRuntime cayenneRuntime = new ServerRuntime("cayenne-cayenne-service-template.xml");
> ObjectContext context = cayenneRuntime.getContext();
> SQLTemplate  sql = new SQLTemplate(Accessorial.class,"SELECT * FROM live.tbl_accessorials");
> String pgSql = "SELECT * FROM live.tbl_accessorials";
> sql.setTemplate(PostgresAdapter.class.getName(), pgSql);
> Collection<Accessorial> accessorials = context.performQuery(sql);
> I have tried this both with and without the Postgres specific template - same result
either way. Works fine in a console app, fails running under the web server.
> This seems to be the relevant section of the stack trace:
> Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/velocity/runtime/parser/ParseException
> at org.apache.cayenne.access.jdbc.SQLTemplateAction.performAction(
> at org.apache.cayenne.access.DataNodeQueryAction.runQuery(
> at org.apache.cayenne.access.DataNode.performQueries(
> at org.apache.cayenne.access.DataDomainQueryAction.runQuery(
> at org.apache.cayenne.access.DataDomainQueryAction.access$000(
> at org.apache.cayenne.access.DataDomainQueryAction$2.transform(
> at org.apache.cayenne.access.DataDomain.runInTransaction(
> at org.apache.cayenne.access.DataDomainQueryAction.runQueryInTransaction(
> at org.apache.cayenne.access.DataDomainQueryAction.execute(
> at org.apache.cayenne.access.DataDomain.onQueryNoFilters(
> at org.apache.cayenne.access.DataDomain$DataDomainQueryFilterChain.onQuery(
> at org.apache.cayenne.access.DataDomain.onQuery(
> at org.apache.cayenne.util.ObjectContextQueryAction.runQuery(
> at org.apache.cayenne.util.ObjectContextQueryAction.executePostCache(
> at org.apache.cayenne.util.ObjectContextQueryAction.execute(
> at org.apache.cayenne.access.DataContext.onQuery(
> at org.apache.cayenne.access.DataContext.performQuery(
> at
> Any ideas on what I am missing here?
> Thanks
> Rick

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