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From "Robert Huber @ 7r" <>
Subject Re: [ann] Apache Cayenne 3.1 goes beta
Date Wed, 10 Apr 2013 13:42:52 GMT
Hi Ari

>>> >Its role is to model the database for users of Cayenne. However, if you want
to use it as a more general modeling tool, we would be happy to accept contributions which
make it more useful in that regard. Additional meta-data such as notes, colours, etc have
long been on our todo list but need someone to step forward with a specific need and the time
to implement it.
>> Yes I know it's a problem, finding someone who has the time and the ability to contribute.
> Sure. You will find we are very willing to help you along your development process to
understand and build on Cayenne Modeler, if you want to fix the rough edges that you have
found for your use cases.

Thanks very much for your helping hand!  I think I can now understand more or less how it
is intended and found with trial how it works (more or less). Currently my highest priority
wish would be that the model (graph) doesn't reset the alignment I have manually done –
by moving the entities to place I like them to be.

> Another thought (you mentioned that you output PDF) is that you could easily create an
XSLT to take the Cayenne Model and turn it into an html report. Happy to assist with that
since I've worked on a lot of xslt now.

As there seems to be no Print… menu, this would may be help to get an ER-Diagram to print.
How do you do it?

Best regards, Robert

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