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Subject Re: [ann] Apache Cayenne 3.1 goes beta
Date Wed, 10 Apr 2013 15:25:37 GMT
Hi Robert

>>> The primary key attributes are not displayed in the ObjEntity. Why
>>> not? It is displayed in the [DbEntity?]
>> By default Cayenne hides the primary key from the user. Typically this
>> is what you want but you can easily expose it.
> How?

1.  Select the ObjEntity,
2.  Select the Attributes tab (on the right),
3.  Click on the 1st icon on the toolbar under the Attributes tab,
4.  Click on the DbAttribute cell of the new row and select the PK field,
5.  Click on the ObjAttribute cell to give it a name and then specify the
Java Type in the next cell.
6.  Save.

In your case you are done, since you are just modeling.
If you were using Cayenne to produce classes then you would need to
refresh them using: Tools, Generate Classes.


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