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From Andrus Adamchik <>
Subject [ANN] Cayenne 3.1B2 released
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2013 16:09:52 GMT
A second Beta of Cayenne 3.1 is available. This beta release includes more complete documentation
(still work in progress … the web site contains even better docs), and more than 20 bug
fixes to the Modeler and the runtime framework. This release goes a long way in stabilizing
and improving 3.1 for an average user. Very likely this will be the last beta before we make
a "release candidate" and 3.1 "final". Most of the remaining 3.1 work will now focus on user

B2 is a recommended upgrade for 3.1 users. We also certainly encourage everyone else to upgrade
to 3.1 right now and tell us if you find any problems.

Cayenne can be downloaded from 

A full list of changes in this release:

	• CAY-1737 ObjectContexts listening to DataChannel events must be non-blocking
	• CAY-1753 remove light-superclass.vm class template
	• CAY-1754 Modeler suggested URL for SQLServer should start with 'jdbc:sqlserver:' instead
of 'jdbc:microsoft:sqlserver:'
Bug fixes in this release:

	• CAY-957 Deadlock in nested contexts
	• CAY-1689 [PATCH] LOB*QueryBuilders do not check isQuotingSQLIdentifiers
	• CAY-1701 Modeler cannot undo pasting of obj (db) entity
	• CAY-1708 Modeler error when pasting datamap with EJBQL query
	• CAY-1713 Inconsistent property name: "cayenne.rop.service.timeout"
	• CAY-1714 ROP: Cayenne tries to build a query for non committed object when using more
than 2 nested contexts
	• CAY-1715 Passing parameters to mapped EJBQL queries
	• CAY-1721 Writing blobs fails (Oracle)
	• CAY-1725 NullPointerException from call to removeToManyTarget
	• CAY-1727 Modeler thinks entity is using inheritance when it doesn't
	• CAY-1729 PersistentDescriptor must have predictable property iteration order
	• CAY-1735 Serializable IncrementalFaultList
	• CAY-1738 Tutorial cayenne-rop-server should be packaged as a war
	• CAY-1739 Cayenne ROP server resets session on every request if BASIC auth is used
	• CAY-1741 Serializable DataObjectBaseProperty
	• CAY-1742 CAY-1742 ObjRelationship inspector says "ObjAttribute Inspector"
	• CAY-1744 Unexpected read-only relationships in vertical inheritance mapping
	• CAY-1749 NPE on simple nested context commit
	• CAY-1755 FaultFailureException resolving relationships to UNIQUE non-PK columns
	• CAY-1757 ROP: Faulting entity relationship resets uncommitted modifications made to its
reverse relationship
	• CAY-1774 EhCacheQueryCache.get(QueryMetadata, QueryCacheEntryFactory) returns null if
EhCache instance for group is not present
	• CAY-1783 JdbcPkGenerator.longPkFromDatabase would throw an exception if the PK value
exceeds a range of Java int

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