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From Ashley Aitken <>
Subject Re: Add ActiveRecord support to Cayenne
Date Sat, 29 Dec 2012 13:33:13 GMT

Hello All, 

I hope you don't mind me jumping into this conversation but I find it very interesting (particularly
the discussion of rich vs. anemic domain models but also of the ActiveRecord approach, especially
today as alternative approaches to persistence, under the banner of NOSQL, are gaining traction).

I haven't had anywhere near the experience with large applications / systems as I am sure
many of you have had but I thought the very point of OO was to encapsulate data and behaviour.
 As well, the primary purpose of MVC was to cleanly separate the presentation, application,
and domain objects/classes.  

Of course, this doesn't mean that a domain class is naturally reusable across applications,
especially if the perspective, scope or level of abstraction is different.  But that's how
it should be, different domain classes may be needed in different applications.  If this doesn't
work then OO, in a sense, has failed.  

There are alternatives to MVC as well though.  Recently I have been investigating the DCI
(Data, Context, Interaction) approach developed by Reenskaug and Coplien.  It may address
some of the issues mentioned in this thread, but I am not sure how the persistence layer fits
into this approach. 

Finally, I am also not sure how something like ActiveRecord approach would actually work,
or be compatible with, Cayenne.  To my mind it defeats the whole purpose of having a container
managing the persistence of a collection of objects, not that AR is not an interesting / useful
approach on its own.


Ashley Aitken
Perth, Western Australia (GMT + 8hrs!)
Social (Facebook, Twitter, Skype etc.): MrHatken 
Professional (LinkedIn, Twitter, Skype etc.): AshleyAitken

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