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From Alexey Katorgin <>
Subject Re: setToOneTarget not works for two transient objects (3.1B1)
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2012 05:57:48 GMT
> You should always create a context and then create objects within that context 
using the methods Cayenne
> gives you. This is different to the undecorated POJO that Hibernate allows you 
to create.
> Ari

I develop a web-app and if I will create entities bounded to a dataContext, and 
after user has leaved the page (by browser navigation buttons, closing the tab, 
etc.) such entities will stay uncommitted and may be in inconsistency state 
(user has not filled all required fields). And on the next commit this objects 
will be committed and raise validation exception.

It is the reason why I want to use unbounded dataObjects.

So I've decide to use transient objects not bounded to any dataContext. In this 
case such object just be removed by garbage collector after user leaved page 
unexpectedly. And where user will click OK, such objects will be manually 
attached to a dataContext and committed.

It makes my code less clearly if can't set relationships between transient 
objects. Because I need to create additional temporary lists to store all 
transient entities and iterate its to register to a dataContext before 

What is the best practice for this use case? 

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