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From Andrus Adamchik <>
Subject Re: Vertical inheritance with relationships
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2012 21:04:57 GMT
Hi Ramiro,

Finally I have something specific for you:

In the source code attached to this Jira, I am simply blocking "readOnly" status of all model
relationships. The example is a completely self-conatined project. It is built against 3.2M1-SNAPSHOT
(SVN trunk), but it should work with 3.1B1 as well. And for 3.0.x, you can simply "inline"
the fancy DI module code in "cayennehacks"… 

Take a look at and cayennehacks package. The "hacks" is what it takes now to make
vertical inheritance relationships work.

> If I try to creat a entity relationship on User I must set the target to Session entity
and not WebSession, if I set it to WebSession tells me there is no mapping and if I choose
the correct mapping to WebSession then as there is no entity linked to that table it complains
about no target entity.

This part worked for me on 3.1B1 Modeler. 


On Oct 5, 2012, at 5:28 PM, Ramiro Aparicio <> wrote:

> El 19/09/2012 22:12, Andrus Adamchik escribió:
>> On Sep 19, 2012, at 11:24 AM, Ramiro Aparicio <>
>>> BTW I tried to do everything with 3.0.2 modeller and finally updated to 3.1.B1
modeller, Will the model created with 3.1.B1 modeller work with 3.0.2 runtime? (I want to
update the runtime but just in case I can not do it).
>> No, once you upgrade the Model to 3.1, there's no (automated) way to go back to 3.0.
The project structure is different in 3.1. The biggest change is that the new projects have
at most 1 domain per project. It is probably doable by manually editing XML, but there's little
point in that. After all the only reason to use the new Modeler is if you are planning to
use the new runtime.
>> I'll try to find time to get to the rest of your message. I rarely if ever use vertical
inheritance, but I may try out your scenario.
>> Andrus
> Hi again,
> Ok after the big refactoring I am now able to test this and I get this exception on commit:
> "Cannot set the read-only flattened relationship 'toUser' in ObjEntity 'SessionLogWeb'."
> or
> "Cannot set the read-only flattened relationship 'runtimeRelationship1' in ObjEntity
> depending on which side I try to use when setting the relationship.
> (SessionLogWeb is WebSession on my previous example and SessionLog is Session)
> So even if only one side of the relationship is marked as read only it is not possible
to set the relationship from either side, as this kind of mapping is a bit unexplored using
cayenne I will happily try any different options but I would like to mantain the vertical
inheritance as this is a logging table that will hold millions of records so using a shared
table will waste too much space.
> Thanks in advance.
> Ramiro Aparicio

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