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From Ramiro Aparicio <>
Subject Splitting model
Date Wed, 24 Oct 2012 11:19:57 GMT

After upgrading to 3.1 it is now more evident that you can split the 
data model and data nodes as it is needed so the model can span several 
DBs or several models can be in the same DB.
I am a big fan of making everything as modular as possible, and this 
configuration helps, but what I think it would be perfect is being able 
to put the diferent model files in diferent modules and just orchestrate 
DB nodes and model composition in the project file, like a maven project.
I understand that there is nothing like that currently on 3.1 but I 
wanted to know if any of you had experience of something like that.
Indeed I am not sure if it can be done as probably path to other modules 
models will not be the same when developing or at runtime, but I think 
it will be a very interesting feature for big projects.

Ramiro Aparicio

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