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From Michael Gentry <>
Subject Re: Transaction Fails - when saving interdependent entities.
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2012 13:56:50 GMT
Hi Joachim,

Cayenne [generally--see below] orders by tables (creates a dependency
graph), not by rows.

The issue you are referring to is for cyclic relationships where a
correct insert order cannot be performed because of the interrelated
dependencies.  The only solutions that came to my mind (at least for
now--open to other ideas) for solving this issue are:

1. Do extra updates after inserts to plug the foreign keys in as they
are discovered (could trip up DB constraints, too, but we've already
been talking about deferrable constraints in this thread).

2. Split the logic up by PK generators.  If you are using sequences
(Oracle or PostgreSQL) or the Cayenne PK table (works on all DBs),
generate all the PKs (and push them to the FKs) up-front before doing
the inserts.  If using auto-generated keys (such as MySQL), you are
just out of luck.

Both approaches would be kind of cumbersome, of course, but certainly
doable.  Fortunately, cyclic dependency graphs aren't all that common,
but when you have them, it is painful.  If you (or others) would like
to discuss approaches to solve this issue, it would probably best to
spin it off into a new thread on entity sorting.

The other scenario you mentioned, reflexive relationships where a
table references itself, is done by rows and shouldn't be a problem.
The entity sorter specifically checks for reflexive relationships and
uses a different ordering mechanism.


On Wed, Jun 6, 2012 at 9:20 AM, Durchholz, Joachim
<> wrote:
>> I think Cayenne is very intelligent and know the correct
>> order to execute the statements, doesn't it?
> It does, but
> a) bugs have been reported for the code that does the ordering, so Cayenne may or may
not work for you (I don't know the bug fix status for this one);
> b) there is no correct order for interdependent entities.
> I don't know whether Cayenne sorts rows or tables.
> E.g. a table with a parent_id column will probably have a table cycle (the foreign key
constraint refers to the same table), but not a row cycle (there's still a valid order if
you commit after each INSERT). If Cayenne sorts tables, it won't know how to order row inserts/updates/deletes
even though a correct ordering always exists.

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