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From Joe Baldwin <>
Subject Best Practice for real-time sort capability (follow-up)
Date Wed, 16 May 2012 17:47:02 GMT
This is an follow-up to a question I asked previously.

**** To re-cap
In the context of a web-app (i.e. you don't know who your users are, or what kind of absurd
'give me everything and let me sort' actions they might take), I need to be able to support
real-time sorting of perhaps large result sets.

So the recommendation was to prefer the DBMS sort over Cayenne in-memory sort (which would
fault all of the result-set dataobjects).  I can sort of understand the rational that it is
better to re-submit the query with a new sort-by request, as this will ultimately be more
memory efficient.

Also, I have some fairly advanced pre-built search methods that support often-used searches.
 It is the results of these searches that may be sorted several times and in several different
ways by the user.

**** Interesting Side-effect
In order to implement the 'let the DBMS do it' pattern, I created a SearchFactory class that
stores the pre-built Cayenne SelectQuery, so that I can resubmit it to Cayenne with a user
chosen sort-by specification.  Here are some questions:

1. I have to store the SelectQuery in a custom session object.  This *seems* like a good idea
but since I have never done this, I was wondering if storing a query might not be memory-efficient.
i.e. does this object hold on to any result sets?

2. This pattern essentially makes some of the very cool Cayenne ORM features useless. i.e.
I can no longer simply request the Vendor's associated product list by doing a Cayenne 'vendor.getProductList()',
since I can't store the query (as I need to do in order to re-submit the query with a new
Ordering object).

This is all working, but since I have to make a *lot* of changes in my code, I want to make
sure it is the best solution with Cayenne.
Does all of this sound reasonable, or am I missing some simpler way of implementing this solution?


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