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From Aristedes Maniatis <>
Subject Re: Stat gathering
Date Wed, 09 May 2012 23:23:16 GMT
On 10/05/12 3:28am, Ramiro Aparicio wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to figure some way to get the number or queries and time elapsed in a DataContext,
or something similar, I want to get agregate data about DB performance and be able to find
where we should try to reduce the number of DB queries.
> I thought I could use some kind of ServletFilter to get the data and post back as headers
or something like that, but I don't se anywhere how I can get this information, the best I
can see is that all that information is logged but not agregated, so maybe I could create
a custom QueryLogger, but I can not see any way to inject a custom QueryLogger either so I
am lost.
> Maybe this is a marginal use case but I think this is a interesting feature for everyone
using Cayenne in production enviroments to gather information without having to parse the
> Ramiro Aparicio

I don't have an answer for you for how to do it, but I think it is a fine idea. The latest
Rails even has a mode you can enable which detects any query taking longer than a certain
number of seconds, and then automatically issues an EXPLAIN to the database with the same
query and puts the result in the logs.

And perhaps statistical data could be exposed with a JMX interface from Cayenne? I've never
had to write such a thing so I don't know what is involved, but it certainly would be useful.


Aristedes Maniatis
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