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From Aristedes Maniatis <>
Subject Re: Standalone app, Threads and Object contexts
Date Wed, 02 May 2012 13:29:43 GMT
On 2/05/12 8:38pm, Durchholz, Joachim wrote:
>> On 2/05/12 7:11pm, Durchholz, Joachim wrote:
>>> I'd probably look up the Cayenne docs on connection pooling, and just
>>> make sure that everything is configured explicitly that the web
>>> container would do for you implicitly.
>> There is actually nothing at all to do in Cayenne. If you are using
>> tomcat, put your datasource into conf/server.xml and you are done.
> The Subject says "standalone app".
> My understanding is that this implies not having Tomcat or any other J2EE container.

No idea why that would be implied. But maybe I'm misunderstanding what "standalone" means.
Does it mean Swing? Or a daemon with no UI? Or an application which needs to be a double clickable
executable but still serves web pages? In all three cases, Tomcat/Jetty/etc could still be
part of the solution.

I'm a little confused by this email thread because it started off as questions about derby
and then morphed into connection pooling. There are lots of connection pooling libraries out
there such as c3po and dbcp. But I'll step out of this conversation since perhaps I'm not
understanding what is being asked.


Aristedes Maniatis
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