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From Andrew Willerding <>
Subject Re: Standalone app, Threads and Object contexts
Date Wed, 02 May 2012 13:05:02 GMT
On 05/02/2012 05:11 AM, Durchholz, Joachim wrote:
> I'd probably look up the Cayenne docs on connection pooling, and just 
> make sure that everything is configured explicitly that the web 
> container would do for you implicitly. BTW I've been working on a J2SE 
> application for the last three years, and it's probably really a good 
> idea to design the application around "requests" or "transactions". 
> Transactions can fail due to transient errors, so you want them 
> restartable, which means you need to wrap them in objects, and there 
> you have your requests. (This pattern also sucks greatly because it 
> isn't easy to pass results back to the caller. Essentially, you're 
> doing the exactly same web service architecture, except it's running 
> inside a single JVM.) 
I got the impression that there was some sort of connection pooling 
built-in to Cayenne because in the Modeller there is a setting for 
minimum and maximum connections.  Now I'm getting confused and perhaps 
I'm using incorrect terminology.

In my mind there is the actual connection to the database as defined 
during the creation of the DataContext.  In the application code I am 
creating an ObjectContext based on the DataContext with a call to 
DataContext.createChildContext().  It is this ObjectContext where I can 
create/delete manipulate the contents of the database.

But in a multi-threaded application do I need to create several 
ObjectContexts or can one ObjectContext be shared among all the 
threads?  If the ObjectContext is sharable then do I need to synchronize 
access to it?  If it needs to by synchronized then the "200th" thread 
will be in a long line-up which is why I would see the need to create 
several pooled ObjectContexts.  But then this takes be back to 
connection pooling as defined in the Modeller.  If everything goes back 
through a single connection then it's pointless to create and manage 
ObjectContexts as the bottleneck may be "deeper" in the Cayenne library.

Help!  I getting trapped in my own recursive thoughts.


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