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From "Durchholz, Joachim" <>
Subject RE: lazy loading (slightly OT)
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2012 09:33:51 GMT
> Every time I'm forced (for client projects) to use hibernate,
> I find myself wondering how in the /world/ it /ever/ became
> the dominant player in the ORM world.

Hehe, me too.
Jokes aside, Joe Baldwin has a point. I had to follow the leader myself, since I wasn't allocated
the time to do proper research on ORMs, and even if I had, I hadn't known enough about ORMs
to investigate in the right directions.

Anyway. The statement that "having lazy fetching is a specific advantage of Cayenne" is still
wrong, most if not all ORMs have that.
You guys arguing that Cayenne does it better than Hibernate just proves the point that Hibernate
does, in fact, have lazy loading of relationships :-)

(Not that I'd disagree that not having Sessions is a Good Thing. Detached Sessions suck, greatly.)

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