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From Andrew Lindesay <>
Subject Re: Memory Usage Problem with Tomcat
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2012 19:58:12 GMT
Hi Joe;

I wonder; is there a possibility that the deployment environment is 
re-distributing the sessions?


On 14/03/12 7:59 AM, Joe Baldwin wrote:
> OK, I think that I may have run into this before.  The ultimate "solution" was to increase
memory - however, I am concerned that may have been a quick-fix and not a long-term fix.
> The problem is out of memory errors associated with tomcat heap.
> I have a webapp (powered primarily by cayenne).  The database has *very* little in it.
 I am essentially serving data (via cayenne&  tomcat) and images (via tomcat).
> I have a private tomcat instance running on a webhost in a "shared" environment.  What
this means is that I *absolutely* cannot attach a profiler.
> I am being told by the webhost IT people (who are not always accurate in their objectivity)
that my app is leaking memory (badly), and that is what caused tomcat to crash.
> My intuition tells me that with almost no activity on the website (because it is not
live yet) and Cayenne memory management that I should be able to manage memory well, but it
is not the case.
> So, if my goal is to determine what the problem is, and if I simply increase heap size,
won't I just be masking a potential problem?  i.e. if the app runs fine for a while, then
mysteriously causes tomcat to run out of heap space, then couldn't there be a memory leak?
> If there is a memory leak, and I don't see it on my development server, and I *can't*
use a profiler on my webhost, then how do I get visibility into the memory usage?
> Thanks
> Joe

Andrew Lindesay

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