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From John Huss <>
Subject Re: Cayenne comparison to EOF / WebObjects
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2011 19:59:23 GMT
On Tue, Dec 6, 2011 at 12:45 PM, Mike Kienenberger <>wrote:

> Thanks, John,
> I think that's really helpful.
> At some point I might convert an old WebObjects project to Cayenne.
> A few things that might need attention:
> Raw Rows: I haven't tried it, but if you provide prefetching
> information for a Cayenne query, wouldn't the raw rows also include
> that prefetched data?

No, data rows don't support relationships according to this
 And my experimenting confirmed that.

> Inheritance: I don't think Cayenne's support for vertical inheritance
> is complete.  I think we were still lacking in a few places the last
> time I looked (summer of 2011), such as query support.
> Entity Templates: I suspect the templating support in Cayenne is
> better, although it's been a long time since I worked with EOF
> templating.   Cayenne has the ability to throw an arbitrary helper
> class into the template namespace using vppconfig.   I don't remember
> how I dealt with such things back in EOF, but I recall I had to use
> some 3rd party EOreporter/generator tool.

I would be interested to know how to add an arbitrary helper class - is
that documented somewhere?

> > Optional Editing Context Synchronization              X       EOF
> automatically synchronizes editing contexts which can hide Optimistic
> Locking problems.
> You can do the same thing in Cayenne by implementing your own EventBridge.

I listed this as anti-feature of EOF since in my opinion since it breaking
true optimistic locking and cannot be disabled.  But different apps have
different goals.

> Incredible Community and Conferences:
> I understand this is subjective.   But even though there was one or
> two power-EOF users back in the day who might be able to help with
> hard problems, I found the help on Cayenne over the years to be far
> superior, provided you were willing to take the initiative and do that
> necessary work.   Andrus helped me to get an OpenBase JDBC driver
> working.  He helped me get outer join support and pseudo-vertical
> inheritance support in there.  Or help writing field-level auditing.
> Or create a local event bridge to control data context
> synchronization.

It is not necessarily subjective.  If you did a statistical analysis of the
number of questions, number of responses, and speed of responses I am sure
that WebObjects would be far ahead.  There is no doubt.  However, I do not
mean to demean the Cayenne community.  I have had excellent responses and
time given to patches by Andrus for which I am very thankful, and others
also.  There are great people in the Cayenne community.  But the WO
community is remarkable especially because it remains so responsive despite
it's small size.  The WO community is it's greatest strength.  My endeavor
with this page (and other things) is to try to bring some of that community
to Cayenne.

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