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From Erlend Birkenes>
Subject Re: Reengineer Database Schema hangs on the last table.
Date Sun, 11 Dec 2011 17:31:56 GMT
I'm still having trouble with this. I had to generate again because I
messed it all up trying to get inheritance to work the way I want.

It takes a VERY long time to generate the ObjEntities. Several hours.
Something must be wrong here somewhere.

Has nobody else experienced this?

As I said before, the process isn't using any CPU this whole time and it's
status in Gnome System Monitor is Sleeping and the Waiting Channel is
futex_wait_queue_me. Google tells me this inticates that it is in queue
waiting for a lock. I don't know if that means anything or not, but it
looks strange. Some other java processes also tend to be in
futex_wait_queue_me a lot of the time, but still seems to work, so I don't

I opened the process in jconsole and jvisualvm and most of the threads are
waiting for a synchronized List. jconsole has the abiity to detect
deadlocks, but doesn't detect one here.

I also tried it in Windows in case it was a Linux bug, but it was the same
situation there.

So what is taking so long? Is it constanty making small database queries
while building the ObjEntities?


2011/12/6 Erlend Birkenes <>

> Ok, never mind. It finished at last, it just took a very long time. I
> think it took a couple of hours, but I'm not sure. I was in a meeting and
> when I got back it was done. I know I had it running for over an hour
> earlier though.
> The schema has around 310 tables with around 2500 columns total, resulting
> in a map.xml of 1MB.
> Is it expected that it should take this long? I've generated it both with
> Hibernate Tools and with our own generator and both took less than a minute.
> Best regards,
> Erlend Birkenes
> Dataloy Systems AS
> Phone: +47 98 81 41 57
> 2011/12/6 Erlend Birkenes <>
>> Hi
>> I am trying to reengineer our database with the Cayenne Modeler. It seems
>> to work fine at first, all the DbEntities are created, but after creating
>> the last DbEntity nothing happens. The dialog still shows Importing table
>> 'name of last table'.
>> No ObjEntities are created, no cpu is used, there is no error message and
>> nothing in the log. I've waited a long time (left it during lunch) to see
>> if something happens after a while, but nothing does.
>> Anyone have any idea what could be wrong? And how can I enable more
>> verbose logging in the Modeler?
>> -Erlend

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