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From Pascal Robert <>
Subject Re: Cayenne comparison to EOF / WebObjects
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2011 19:16:15 GMT
> ...
> Entity Templates: I suspect the templating support in Cayenne is
> better, although it's been a long time since I worked with EOF
> templating.   Cayenne has the ability to throw an arbitrary helper
> class into the template namespace using vppconfig.   I don't remember
> how I dealt with such things back in EOF, but I recall I had to use
> some 3rd party EOreporter/generator tool.

It was EOGenerator, a ObjectiveC tool that died in Leopard because the Java <-> ObjC
bridge was killed. Now, we use Veogen, based of Velocity templates. It's built-in into WOLips.

> Incredible Community and Conferences:
> I understand this is subjective.   But even though there was one or
> two power-EOF users back in the day who might be able to help with
> hard problems, I found the help on Cayenne over the years to be far
> superior, provided you were willing to take the initiative and do that
> necessary work.   

But Cayenne don't have WOWODC :-) Having a "Cayenne for WO people" session at WOWODC would
be cool.

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