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From Marek Ĺ abo <>
Subject Cayenne cache and external changes
Date Wed, 30 Nov 2011 20:53:01 GMT

my app that uses cayenne got few rows changed externally in mysql 
database. I observed that app didn't behave according to these changes 
and after restarting it worked as expected (with those changed rows). 
Could this be due to cayenne caching mechanism. Or is it probably bug on 
my side? If former, is it possible to set time expiration on cache, or 
invoke expiration manually?




On 11/30/2011 06:47 PM, Durchholz, Joachim wrote:
> On , I see this statement:
> "As of this writing Cayenne does not support horizontal inheritance. It may in the future."
> Well, guess what, the first instance where I absolutely need inheritance does require
horizontal modeling. Two legacy tables happen to have a very similar column structure and
server very similar purposes, and since the processing is complicated and accesses many fields
of each record, having a common superclass wired up would really simplify a lot of code.
> So the question is: Is there any realistic hope that this will be done soon?
> Would outside help speed up things?
> Limited help, unfortunately. I'll have to justify any time I sink into this :-(
> The other approach might be faking a vertical/joined scenario using views.
> However, I'd like to avoid that because I know that views tend to come with their own
cans of worms (updateability and lack of useful metadata).
> Regards,
> Jo

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