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From Joe Baldwin <>
Subject Re: Coexisting with WebObjects
Date Wed, 10 Aug 2011 01:35:03 GMT
> You do realize that WebObjects was rewritten in Java about 10 years ago, right? It's 100%
pure Java. All of iTunes, the Apple Store, the App Store, etc. are Java WebObjects applications,
not Objective-C.

The last time I worked on a WO project was in 1999.  At that time there was a Java library.
 However, it was a thin layer on top of Obj-C.  The Webobjects application server I believe
is (or was) a native app, that I think was Obj-C.  My info is old, but I think it would be
difficult to transfer all those Obj-C classes to java but maybe they did it.

> None of this is to take away from Cayenne, and please don't take it that way. From the
developers that I've talked to that use it regularly it is a really great tool as well, and
I wish I had more time to spend digging into it so I don't end up seeing everything as a WONail
to be driven by a WOHammer. :-)

I was thrust into the "deep end" working on EOF, WO, and Obj-C.  I was new at this stuff,
the foundation classes were *brilliant* but still there was something lacking in terms of
usability i.e. memory management and even elementary class documentation.  The Cayenne way
of thinking seem so (for lack of a better term) obvious to me - it is very intuitive and easier
to work with than EOF ever was.  After learning about the way hibernate-developers "think"
(or don't think) I am just amazed everyone isn't dropping hibernate immediately for Cayenne.

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