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From Andrus Adamchik <>
Subject Re: Using two different DBs
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2011 21:09:30 GMT
Hi Richard,

To avoid copy/pasting, you can probably start 2 Cayenne stacks. If you are on Cayenne 3.0,
this will be 2 Configuration objects and you can add a correct DataNode via API to each stack.

In 3.1 it is a bit more elegant. In 3.1M2 2 stacks will correspond to 2 ServerRuntime's. In
one of them you can override the Db connection settings via a custom configuration module
like this:

class MyModule implements Module {
   public void configure(Binder binder) {
     binder.bindMap(DefaultRuntimeProperties.PROPERTIES_MAP).put("cayenne.jdbc.url", "alturl").put(...);

     // see PropertyDataSourceFactory for details on property names, etc.

Finally in yet unreleased 3.1M3 it will be even easier (this code exists on trunk already).
Cayenne can merge multiple mappings in runtime, so you may create 2 projects in the Modeler:

1. A common DataMap + one of DataNodes, say cayenne-map.xml
2. A project with only a DataNode using the same name as DataNode from project 1, say cayenne-map-db2.xml

and then load 2 stacks as this:

   ServerRuntime r1 = new ServerRuntime("cayenne-map.xml");
   ServerRuntime r2 = new ServerRuntime(new String[] { "cayenne-map.xml", "cayenne-map-db2.xml"});


On Aug 30, 2011, at 4:45 PM, Richard Frovarp wrote:

> I'm working on something now where I'm using two separate DBs. I'm actually trying to
compare data between the two systems. So my maps should be identical, just two different nodes.
> Is there an easy way to do this? Right now it seems that I do a copy and paste, then
change the prefix or other such identifier between the two. Am I missing something where this
is easy to setup?
> Thanks,
> Richard

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