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From David Avendasora <>
Subject Re: Coexisting with WebObjects
Date Tue, 09 Aug 2011 21:26:27 GMT

On Aug 9, 2011, at 9:06 PM, Michael Gentry wrote:

> We were all sad to see WO (and EOF)
> wither and die, but at least T5+Cayenne seems to work rather well
> together.

The news of WO's death are greatly exaggerated. There's still a thriving, active developer
community (, the WebObjects binaries are still available from Apple (
and there's a yearly developer's conference ( - next year's is planned
for June 29th-July 1st in Montreal and there are plans for a WO Boot-Camp for new developers
in the days just prior.

Apple itself has stopped formally releasing new versions to the public, but they participate
in the community by contributing improvements and even entire frameworks to Project Wonder, which is where all new development is at externally.
Wonder is quite active with almost daily commits.

Just some of the most recent improvements include:
- ERRest - a framework that provides easy-to-implement REST services in json, xml, .plist,
binary .plist, etc.
- ERModernD2W - a CSS/AJAX-based DirectToWeb framework that allows you to create great looking
web sites incredibly quickly by removing much of the UI programming
- ERSolr framework (in beta:
that makes Solr just another data source (EOAdaptor) with arbitrarily complex queries using
standard EOQualifiers.
- WOUnit framework for simplifying unit testing with EOF

The development tools are now all Eclipse-based using the WOLips plugin,
which is a much better java development environment than Xcode ever was (shudder).

The biggest problem is that the current state of documentation is horrible. It's a mix of
old Apple documentation (which is completely obsolete for the developer tools) and community-created
documentation which may or may not reflect the current state of how to do things. The developer
list is quite active though with lots of people with 5-10 years of WO/EOF experience.

David Avendasora
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