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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Build from trunk
Date Tue, 12 Apr 2011 13:12:42 GMT
Hello guys,

I am back :-) and would like to include the trunk version of Cayenne
in my project. No worries, I will use a stable version when it goes to
production. But I hope to learn more about Cayenne itself when I use
the direct source. Probably I can do a few patches.

However, i have checked out the source and tried "mvn
eclipse:eclipse". It failed at the project:
"Cayenne License and Notice Bundle ."

The i runned mvn install and redid mvn eclipse:eclipse

This time it worked well, except this:
"[INFO] Cayenne Tutorials ................................. SUCCESS [0.005s]
[INFO] Cayenne Documentation ............................. FAILURE [12.603s]
[INFO] Cayenne Documenation Parent ....................... SKIPPED"

The errormessage is:
"[ERROR] Failed to execute goal
(default-cli) on project cayenne-doc: Request to merge when
'filtering' is not identical. Original=resource src/main/resources:
output=target/classes, include=[], exclude=[doc/index.html|**/*.java],
test=false, filtering=false, merging with=resource src/main/resources:
output=target/classes, include=[doc/index.html], exclude=[**/*.java],
test=false, filtering=true -> [Help 1]"

In my understanding mvn eclipse should work without mvn install. And
of course mvn eclipse should run through documentation projects too.

Then I imported everything to Eclipse. At least everything except the
documentation project.

There are a few compilation failures b/c of dependencies.

For example:
cayenne-modeler-mac-ext  seems to depend on cayenne-di-unpublished.

I was wondering about that project. Why is it named "unpublished"? Is
it some kind of experimental trunk?
And why is it in scope "provided"? If its not there, there is a
compilation failure- for me this calls for a compile time scope. Maybe
you can explain briefly. I would like to avoid to manually set the
eclipse classpath.


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