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From Marc Guenther <>
Subject a query does not see newly inserted objects?
Date Tue, 12 Oct 2010 13:34:53 GMT

maybe that's a stupid question, but is there a way to make a query aware of newly inserted

I have a DataContext. I insert some object into it (a user), and then, without committing
the context to the DB, I query it for all users. The newly inserted user does not show up.

The query is a normal SelectQuery. I tried playing around with caching strategies and isRefreshingObjects,
but it didn't work.

Is this the expected behaviour? Is it even possible to do this?

I tried this, because I have a process which does lots of small changes, and some of the later
ones depend on former changes. At the moment I commit every change into the DB at once, but
I wanted to delay that till everything is finished, and then do it in one big commit.

So I tried to setup a parent/child context, and commit only to the parent in the child. But
then I get failures later in the process cause the earlier changes are not visible to it.


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