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From Joe Baldwin <>
Subject Cayenne vs Hibernate Comparison
Date Sun, 05 Sep 2010 18:21:53 GMT

I am again responsible for making a cogent Cayenne vs Hibernate Comparison.  Before I "reinvent
the wheel" so-to speak with a new evaluation, I would like to find out if anyone has done
a recent and fair comparison/evaluation (and has published it).

When I initially performed my evaluation of the two, it seemed like a very easy decision.
 While Hibernate had been widely adopted (and was on a number of job listings), it seemed
like the core decision was made mostly because "everyone else was using it" (which I thought
was a bit thin).

I base my decision on the fact that Cayenne (at the time) supported enough of the core ORM
features that I needed, in addition to being very similar conceptually to NeXT EOF (which
was the first stable Enterprise-ready ORM implementations).  Cayenne seems to support a more
"agile" development model, while being as (or more) mature than EOF.  (In my opinion. :) )

It seem like there is an explosion of standards, which appear to be driven by "camps" of opinions
on the best practices for accomplishing abstraction of persistence supporting both native
apps and highly distributed SOA's.

My vote is obviously for Cayenne, but I would definitely like to update my understanding of
the comparison.


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