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From Andrus Adamchik <>
Subject Re: Web site link to example and a proposal for a new example link
Date Mon, 09 Aug 2010 11:32:24 GMT
Hi Martin,

I see. I guess the concept of a "framework as an example" wasn't  
immediately clear to me. Now I added a link to Yafra to the examples  
page. Thanks a lot for your work!


On Aug 8, 2010, at 11:16 PM, Martin Weber wrote:
> Hi Andrus,
> agree with your point, wrong location and it is easy to find it in  
> google. I still think it would be worth adding a link to

>  with a short description like "Using Cayenne within different java  
> technologies - a jump start".
> The whole framework is based on Apache Cayenne. My driving point was  
> building different applications with a database as central back end.  
> Apache Cayenne was the ORM of choice. Instead of building a concrete  
> application to share with others, the idea came up to share all the  
> findings and the chosen approaches as a sort of a framework. The  
> framework shows how I embedded Apache Cayenne into Apache Wicket or  
> in simple console/batch programs or with a fat client written in  
> Eclipse RCP using EJB's (not using JPA) to access the Cayenne layer.
> I will put some more effort into the trac page to  
> give a better understanding how yafra shall be used.
> Hope it helps,
> Cheers,
> Martin
> On 08.08.2010 20:59, Andrus Adamchik wrote:
>> Hi Martin,
>>> May I suggest to add the Apache Cayenne examples below the success
>>> stories on the main page or within the success stories. The examples
>>> are quite hard to find (it's referenced on the cwiki index page)  
>>> and I
>>> could find it only through google for apache cayenne examples.
>> I don't think examples belong on success stories page, as the  
>> purpose of
>> the later is quite different - to highlight the use of Cayenne on  
>> some
>> real-life projects. But answering your general point... The problem  
>> with
>> the examples on cwiki, namely this link -
>> , is that all of
>> those are old, unmaintained (as a matter of fact I just removed/ 
>> changed
>> some links that no longer work), and many are likely obsolete.
>> This is a #1 link shown to me by Google when searching for "cayenne
>> examples", so it is not hard to find per se, but the question is  
>> whether
>> we want to endorse our old set of examples. I'd say them staying a  
>> step
>> away from the main site is actually good in current situation :-)
>>> If possible, somebody could add the link to my project as a further
>>> example of using cayenne within different technology setups. A  
>>> link to
>>> would be excellent. It is yet another
>>> framework, but not in fact to be reused as such, more to get / take
>>> what you need to have a better learning curve.
>>> I used cayenne with the DTO pattern within EJB3 setup serving an
>>> Eclipse RCP EJB3 fat client (using Apache OpenEJB). As well a small
>>> example using Apache Wicket with Cayenne. Working on a Google Web
>>> Toolkit example and would like to move on to Eclipse Riena using
>>> distributed OSGi (they use Hessian as well, seems to be an  
>>> interesting
>>> example). With the yafra framework I did already a ROP example, but
>>> not yet published. All sources are under SVN as Eclipse projects. I
>>> use Trac to document.
>> Could you provide links to the parts of Yafra that can be used as
>> standalone Cayenne examples (does this request even make sense in the
>> context of Yafra? Not sure how it is organized) Or maybe  
>> alternatively
>> you can provide us with a small writeup, explaining those parts  
>> that we
>> can put on the wiki with links back to the appropriate pieces of  
>> Yafra?
>> Cheers,
>> Andrus

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