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From Victor Antonovich <>
Subject Queries against to-many relationships with 'NOT' subexpressions
Date Tue, 24 Aug 2010 11:05:50 GMT

My (simplified) Cayenne scheme has two kind of objects - Role's and 
Group's with many-to-many (flattened) relationships. Main task is to 
check is this Role member of some Group (i.e. 'Active') while it is not 
member of another group (i.e. 'Admin'). Aliased query expression looks like:

(('Active') and (not ('Admin')))

where `a` is alias for `role.groups` to-many relationship to Group entities.

But this query doesn't work as expected - roles in 'Admin' group will be 
returned. This is because DB query with double-joined Group table 
selects record with self-joined 'Active' group name.

So question is simple - is there any way to do such queries?


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