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From Tomas Stenlund <>
Subject Re: Cayenne 3.0 and DataViews/DVModeler
Date Sat, 21 Aug 2010 14:04:37 GMT
Just as an info,

I did as you told me Andrus and changed the code and created a new 
dataview.xml file (which from now on is the dvmodeler project file) 
containing the dataview related stuff, fixed the namespace problem and 
dvmodeler now never touches the cayenne files (well reads them of 
course). So now I can run them both without interferring with each other 
and I can now try out the dvmodeler, dataviews and cayenne independantly.

Yeah, I know it's quick and dirty, but just so I could ge on trying this 
a bit further.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<cayenne location="cayenne.xml" />
<dataview name="dataview0" location="dataview0.view.xml" />

cayenne.xml, *.map.xml and *.driver.xml is never touched.



2010-08-21 13:37, Tomas Stenlund skrev:
> Hi,
> thanks for your quick replies. Yes I understand what you are saying. 
> So I think for the time being I will make the sourcecode changes in my 
> local sourcefiles to handle the namespace for dvmodeler so it can read 
> the XXXXmap.xml files for the entities and create something like a 
> dataview.xml in parallell to the cayenne.xml. Then I can continue 
> evaluating dataviews without having to be hindered by the rewrite of 
> the cayenne.xml and the namespace in the map files.
> Cheers,
> Tomas
> 2010-08-21 13:19, Andrus Adamchik skrev:
>> Hi Tomas,
>> yeah, that's the case.
>> I should also note that we'll be happy to revive the DV project if we 
>> find a dedicated volunteer to support it. I guess if that happens, my 
>> main request would be to keep the DV stuff decoupled from Cayenne 
>> runtime and cayenne.xml file.
>> Cheers,
>> Andrus
>> On Aug 21, 2010, at 2:12 PM, Tomas Stenlund wrote:
>>> Ooops,
>>> I'm sorry I did not search the mailing list thoroughly, there is 
>>> already a posting related to the dataviews getting thrown out of the 
>>> cayenne.xml. So that one is known.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Tomas
>>> 2010-08-21 12:39, Tomas Stenlund skrev:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> as I have understood the dataviews and dvmodeler has been cut out 
>>>> of th cayenne project and is no longer maintained. Nevertheless I 
>>>> have kind of fallen in love with cayenne during my evaluation of it 
>>>> and also would like to have a look at dataviews and dvmodeler to 
>>>> see if it fits my needs. I understand that this is the user forum 
>>>> for cayenne but maybe someone can at least point me onwards if so.
>>>> So, therefore I have compiled the dataview/dvmodeler svn source on 
>>>> my machine. So far so good, no problems.
>>>> But when I try to open up one of my cayenne 3.0 projects in 
>>>> dvmodeler no objentities are shown and no errors are shown. I 
>>>> started to debug the dvmodeler and found out that it fails to find 
>>>> the children (obj-entity) of the data-map node.
>>>> List elements = elem.getChildren("obj-entity");
>>>> It fails because the XXXXXXmap.xml file has a 
>>>> xmlns="" causing the 
>>>> getChildren above to fail. If I change the getChildren call to also 
>>>> include the namespace it works or if I remove the xmlns from the 
>>>> XXXmap.xml file. Then I can work with dvmodeler.
>>>> So far so good, but when I reload the project into CayenneModeler 
>>>> it rewrites the namespace again and also removes any dataviews in 
>>>> the cayenne.xml. So, I need to have different configurationfiles 
>>>> for cayennemodeler and dvmodeler.
>>>> So now to my question, does anyone have any thoughts on starting to 
>>>> maintain dataviews/dvmodeler ?
>>>> If there are no such plans yet, If I find any changes/corrections 
>>>> due to bugs or whatever that I would like to make during my 
>>>> evaluation of this, are there anyone maintaining the dvmodeler svn 
>>>> source or do I keep those changes to my self :-)
>>>> Is anyone using dataviews with 3.0 ?
>>>> Cheers and thanks for a very interesting framework,
>>>> Tomas

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