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From Tomas Stenlund <>
Subject Cayenne 3.0 and DataViews/DVModeler
Date Sat, 21 Aug 2010 10:39:51 GMT

as I have understood the dataviews and dvmodeler has been cut out of th 
cayenne project and is no longer maintained. Nevertheless I have kind of 
fallen in love with cayenne during my evaluation of it and also would 
like to have a look at dataviews and dvmodeler to see if it fits my 
needs. I understand that this is the user forum for cayenne but maybe 
someone can at least point me onwards if so.

So, therefore I have compiled the dataview/dvmodeler svn source on my 
machine. So far so good, no problems.

But when I try to open up one of my cayenne 3.0 projects in dvmodeler no 
objentities are shown and no errors are shown. I started to debug the 
dvmodeler and found out that it fails to find the children (obj-entity) 
of the data-map node.

List elements = elem.getChildren("obj-entity");

It fails because the XXXXXXmap.xml file has a 
xmlns="" causing the 
getChildren above to fail. If I change the getChildren call to also 
include the namespace it works or if I remove the xmlns from the 
XXXmap.xml file. Then I can work with dvmodeler.

So far so good, but when I reload the project into CayenneModeler it 
rewrites the namespace again and also removes any dataviews in the 
cayenne.xml. So, I need to have different configurationfiles for 
cayennemodeler and dvmodeler.

So now to my question, does anyone have any thoughts on starting to 
maintain dataviews/dvmodeler ?

If there are no such plans yet, If I find any changes/corrections due to 
bugs or whatever that I would like to make during my evaluation of this, 
are there anyone maintaining the dvmodeler svn source or do I keep those 
changes to my self :-)

Is anyone using dataviews with 3.0 ?

Cheers and thanks for a very interesting framework,


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