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From Arnaud Garcia <>
Subject Re: Cayenne 'the book', Was: Cayenne 3.0 is released
Date Sat, 08 May 2010 09:13:53 GMT

Thanks Ari,

Ready to help !

Writing a book for Cayenne is very important for the project now... (for
marketing...) But beyond marketing lot of developpers (as me) know just 20%
of what we can do with Cayenne... and it is a bit frustrating..

Another point, is the integration with other frameworks (Tapestry, Wicket,
...). In the book we have to add some parts for this, because in a web
project, ORM is important, but we have to work with all of theses
frameworks, and you know that it is also a challenge !

It is very hard to find a book which talk about how to build a full web
application. But I really think,  we can do this because developpers just
need to know 'how to start' and how to correctly integrate these frameworks.

Very often IT managers, developpers choose a framework because they have a
complete example... So if we want to help Cayenne developpers teams we have
to share our experience with these frameworks integration problems...and I
really think it is a key for the success...

So, I think it will be very interesting two have some 'parts' with real
project (kind of real life tutorial):

A VERY simple draft can be:

            - architecture of the framework..
            -  ...
      - Wicket
             - how to set up a project : Maven, Cayenne, selenium....
             - how to wrap Cayenne object with Wicket models ?
                   - Why Wicket serialization mechanism could be a problem
with Cayenne ...
             - How to test your web app : Selenium configuration,
             - Optimization: Jmeter configuration (Thread group, ...)

      - Tapestry

.... PART 3



2010/5/8 Aristedes Maniatis <>

> On 7/05/10 10:48 PM, Michael Gentry wrote:
>> I've just started (about a week ago) to put together a book of sorts
>> (more of a workbook).
> While any such contribution would be extremely useful, what can we do at
> Apache to integrate those efforts into the website and official
> documentation?
> * Open up the wiki area for broader contributions?
> * Better collaborative tools (Confluence can be a bit awkward in places)?
> * Restructuring of the website?
> * Anything else?
> Naturally anything you create can be published elsewhere and linked from
> the official documention, but I'd be keen to see how we can improve the core
> docs at the same time. In particular I think that a 'Everything a Hibernate
> user needs to know about Cayenne.' manual would be great. Any takers from
> our there in userland for someone who has made the switch and could write
> about it?
> Despite my previous attempt at comedy, publishing a book would certainly
> aid in credibility. And having published three editions of a book in my life
> before IT, I have a little experience in that area I'd be willing to bring
> toward such a project. But there is a lot of writing to do first. And here
> is another excellent open source project which has just recently released a
> book:
> If you sign up for an annual support contract with the authors, you get a
> free PDF version. I have such a copy and it really is excellent, but it
> would have been a big effort to create.
> Regards
> Ari
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> Aristedes Maniatis
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