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From Thomas Larsen <>
Subject Server LISP paper
Date Wed, 19 May 2010 12:22:27 GMT
I have written/am writing a small paper, basically describing an implementation
of a LISP-like language (“Server LISP”) aimed at client-server/cloud-based
systems, incorporating persistence by object-storage/object-oriented databases.
Besides the “normal” use of LISP as a programming-language, the language is
essential in implementing storage (in databases) and communication
The paper has a special interest in using LISP for describing “data” (ex. HTML-
documents), understood in contrast to normal use of programming languages for
describing computation (i.e. “algorithms”).
An overall aim is to reach a synergy effect, creating a system spanning
functionality from “code” to “data”, and from small grain-size elements like
LISP-functions and Java-classes to large grain-size elements like
The system is constructed on top of Java (as example host-system). LISP-
expressions are implemented using basic Java-collections (of “java.util.*”).
Aims of the system are:

    - allow (Java and LISP) programmers high-level access to client-
    server technology, including solutions to security issues
    - access to persistence though use of database technologies. For Java-
    programmers this may be seen as a high(er)-level alternative and extension
    to already existing O/R-mapping and object-oriented database technologies
    - interfacing between Java and LISP.
      For LISP-programmers this includes access to the waste amount of
    technologies implemented as part of the Java-framework.
      Java-programmers may benefit from issues like parametrized
    data-expressions though lambda-expressions

The paper is a realization of some lose ideas I had as a student, and is partly
written “for fun”, with a great deal of passion - so please read it in the same
spirit. I am more than happy, if anyone can find any entertainment,
enlightenment or inspiration reading it.
A page with links to pdf-copy can be found at:

... the link should be valid for some time to come.
A copy of this e-mail of been sent to:

    Guy Steele, Oracle/Sun
    Apache DB-project group (
    Apache Cayenne group (
    Ronald L. Rivest, MIT (
    John McCarthy, Standford University (
    Hibernate developers mail-list (
    Clojure developers mail-list (
    Arthur Lemmens, ”Rücksack” (
    Ole Lehrmann Madsen, Aarhus University (

... I maintain the right to add more persons and groups to this list as things
may evolve.
Most receivers are found though the internet in a “spray and pray”-effort,
hoping to "hit" some of the right persons. If anyone knows of persons
how may be
interested in the paper, they are more than welcome to forward this e-mail.
Comments may be sent to:

Best Regards

Thomas Larsen

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