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From Bryan Lewis <>
Subject Re: Removing Cayenne cache groups
Date Thu, 27 May 2010 14:48:38 GMT
This email made me aware of that cool new removeGroup and OSCache features.
Thanks.  Two little howevers...

In my testing, it worked only with LOCAL_CACHE, as the original poster
said.  Not a big deal for me; SHARED_CACHE is rarely necessary.  The same
was true with OSCache.

I couldn't get OSCache to work at first.  I stepped through the code and
learned that the queryCacheFactory isn't created unless the
dataContextFactory is also specified.  (In
DataDomain.initWithProperties().)  I don't see the logic to that... why
would those two settings be interdependent?  It was easy to work around by
specifying a no-op DataContextFactory.

On Wed, May 26, 2010 at 9:13 AM, Andrus Adamchik <>wrote:

> Odd. MapQueryCacheFactory supports 'removeGroup' method (although it is not
> very efficient compared to say OSQueryCacheFactory). Can you possibly run
> this in debugger to check the state of the cache?
> Andrus
> On May 25, 2010, at 3:47 PM, Bob Schellink wrote:
>  Hi all,
>> I'm trying to add Cayenne caching for a web project I'm working on. A new
>> DataContext is created for
>> each request so I'm looking at adding a shared cache for entities that
>> doesn't change often. However
>> if one of those entities does get updated, I want to refresh the cache.
>> To start off with I'm trying to test with a small standalone application,
>> following the
>> documentation here:
>> My test is fairly similar expect that I specify SHARED_CACHE instead of
>>  SelectQuery query = new SelectQuery(Artist.class);
>>  query.setCacheStrategy(QueryCacheStrategy.SHARED_CACHE);
>>  query.setCacheGroups("artists");
>> I'm also using the default LRUMap.
>> From my test I can see that the query data is cached, but when I update
>> the entity, invoke
>> removeGroup and execute my query a second time, the database is not hit,
>> so I assume the cached data
>> is returned.
>> Before going further I just wanted to check whether removeGroup does in
>> fact work on shared caches?
>> Chances are that I've misconfigured the caching.
>> Kind regards
>> Bob

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