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From Robert Zeigler <>
Subject Re: Cayenne pattern quesiton
Date Tue, 30 Mar 2010 21:32:05 GMT
Daos can be useful in certain contexts.  In particular, if you have  
some means of automagically generating the dao. :)
For instance, on a Tapestry5 + hibernate-based project I'm working on  
right now, there's a DaoSource service.
What's more, is there's an @InjectDao annotation that plays nicely  
with T5's pages and components.
So you can do something like:

Dao<User> userDao;

public List<User> getAllUsers() {
     return userDao.listAll();//or something like this.

The key piece being the fact that Dao<User> wasn't code you have to  
write (or even generate).

It can make things convenient, but, like Michael and John, I tend away  
from Dao's.


On Mar 30, 2010, at 3/304:26 PM , John Armstrong wrote:

> My latest project has a lot of DAO going on and while it made sense  
> (for
> some reason, habit?) at first I regret going that way and will, over  
> time,
> be migrating into the same pattern that Michael highlights. Its  
> really just
> a big useless layer for all the reasons he highlights, at least in my
> context.
> John-
> On Tue, Mar 30, 2010 at 2:20 PM, Michael Gentry  
> <>wrote:
>> Hi Mike,
>> I personally tend to not create DAOs for Cayenne.  If I need a  
>> findBy*
>> type method, I just add it to the Cayenne-generated class as a static
>> method.  (For example, I have a User.withUsernameAndPassword() static
>> method in my User class.)  For findById, you can use DataObjectUtils
>> directly if you like:
>> (objectForPK)
>> Of course, this is just what I tend to do.  Your mileage and that of
>> others will likely vary.  To me, part of the concept of the DAO is
>> that you can transparently and magically change the DAO code to use a
>> different ORM and if everything else is using the DAOs, it'll all  
>> just
>> work.  Of course, the assumes that every single ORM works exactly the
>> same way (they don't) and it also means you are choosing your ORM for
>> failure (because you expect the need to swap them out).  Cayenne  
>> works
>> differently than Hibernate which works differently than other  
>> ORMs.  I
>> choose an ORM for the features it gives me.  To me it doesn't make as
>> much sense to code with the DAOs (especially when they limit the use
>> of your ORM), but I'm sure others will disagree with me.  :-)
>> mrg
>> On Tue, Mar 30, 2010 at 4:51 PM,  <> wrote:
>>> When using Cayenne are DAO's still the pattern used for findAll,
>>> findByProperty, and findById query methods or is there some better  
>>> way to
>>> do this in Cayenne?  For example in the pet store project I see  
>>> DAO's
>>> being implemented, but I know that example was taken from other  
>>> projects
>>> that use DAO's to begin with so I'm not sure if it was just  
>>> retrofitted
>> to
>>> use DAO's with Cayenne.  I tried to look at some other examples  
>>> from the
>>> website, but most of those are either not complex enough to  
>>> warrant that
>>> kind of structure or the links are dead.  I hope this is  
>>> clear.  :)  Also
>>> if DAO's are the recommended pattern to use is there a tool (i.e.  
>>> eclipse
>>> plugin) that will generate them?
>>> Thanks.
>>> -Mike

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