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From Michael Gentry <>
Subject Re: Cayenne Modeler - Local DataSources
Date Mon, 29 Mar 2010 16:43:21 GMT
You are probably running into a known issue CM has with HypersonicSQL
(the embedded database Cayenne uses to save preferences -- an "eat
your own dogfood" kind of thing).  Unfortunately, the simplest thing
to do is delete the preferences DB and start over.  If you look in
your ~/.cayenne/prefs/1.2 directory, you'll probably see multiple DB
files instead of just one and somehow HSQL is using the wrong one.  If
you are on a Mac and use Time Machine, it is possible to go back and
find a working DB and restore it, but still painful.

Cayenne 3.1 is scrapping HSQL, but that probably doesn't help you ...


On Mon, Mar 29, 2010 at 12:32 PM, Joe Baldwin <> wrote:
> I am having a problem with Cayenne Modeler - Edit Preferences - Local DataSources.
> I am working with three projects right now and have created three separate project directories.
 I am using Cayenne Modeler to manage the datasource design.  Unfortunately when I move
from one project to another the Preferences do not seem to maintain integrity.
> For example the Local DataSources from the first project continues to show up for the
third project and the new datasources do not show up.   Now, it might seem logical that the
DataSources be maintained separately from the project and CM might be doing this, however
when I add a new datasource, and save it, it reverts back to the old set of datasources.
> The selected datasource does not appear to be saved between projects, and if I add a
new one, it does not appear to save it.  (Yes, I did select the "Save" button at the bottom
of the "Local Datasources" pane.
> So, my questions are:
> 1. is the datasource list kept in a separate configuration by CM?
> 2. How do I manage the DataSource list so that the new datasource is saved?
> 3. How do I manage the project so I can control which datasource selection.
> Thanks,
> Joe

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